Comments from the Youth Club members



I think youth club is a nice place to have fun with your friends after school.

Someone else added:

I like youth club because I can be myself and I like the staff

Hi XX Youth club is cool


It’s great because I get to see my friends also it gets me out of the house

I get to hang out with my friends. It’s fun. We can dance and my friends come to my house before and I can be myself.

Youth club is amazing and is always fun because everyone are my friends.

Youth club is awesome

Very fun for year 6

Youth club is so epic its more epic than epic!!! And I get to hang with my friends.

I like seeing friends and playing football.

A, wrote: Its sik cuz of da freedom.

I like the freedom and the snacks.

A: Fun to play, chat and sing. Amazing club. Like a giant playtime (minus the teachers)

Year 9 comment; Youth Club is a friendly place where you can simply go to enjoy yourself and relax. The facilities are good and the staff are lovely, caring and welcoming.

Youth club is a fun place to be so I don’t have to stay at home all night doing nothing :o) LOL

I come to get away from my sister

We think youth is amazing and D + K are …okay (ha ha). We love youth club

So, what do you think ?

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