This part is for parents and young people to see who is involved within the youth club. You can have a sneaky preview at who they are and what they’re like!

Name: Dave AKA Bubbles
Now:  Part of BYC Team
Then / Was  / Previously: Train driver / trainee hot air balloon pilot / Detached youth worker
Life experience:
I am still…Committed to succeeding
I have learnt…There’s lots more to learn
Family:  My 2 boys and Amanda
Pet:  Our Cat, Rupert
Favourite place: Somewhere warm and sunny- Maldives
Music:  Anything but mainly 80’s rock
Hobbies: Building tree houses, train sets and gardening
Loves:  Clowning around and having fun
Hates: People who stand in the way
Sum you up in 1 sentence: Having a good time!

Name: Tanya Bailey – Activity Instructor

Name: Emma Yates – Activity Instructor

Name: Chris Davies  – Volunteer

Name: Catherine, Committee Member and volunteer

Name: Peter, Chair,  Committee Member and volunteer

Name: Nicola Carman – Committee Member 

Name: Zoey Moore – Committee Member 

Name: Amanda Bishop – Secretary, Committee Member 

Name: Linda Simmons – Committee Member

Name: Will Neave –  Committee Member